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                                       I am happy to finally meet you again for the 5  edition of Luxembourg Art Fair, and to share with you these four days of
                                       celebration around art !
                                       I would like to take advantage of this prelude to thank you, on behalf of the entire team of the Art Fair and art3f fairs.
                                       You, our audience, whether you are collectors or simply art lovers, for your curiosity, and you, exhibitors and partners, for your
                                       renewed trust which has allowed us to spread throughout France and Europe a unique concept in the world of contemporary
                                       art fairs, aiming to combine affordable art with a high-flying international artistic scene. I also thank the city of Luxembourg
                                       and all those who contribute to its dynamism.

                                       It is with unconcealed enthusiasm that we reopen the doors of Luxexpo The Box, to welcome nearly 80 international galleries,
                                       with the same ambitions and the same high standards as in previous years. More than ever, Luxembourg Art Fair will seduce
                                       you by the relevance of its artistic choices worthy of the economic and cultural fabric of the Grand Duchy but also by the
                                       warmth and friendliness of its welcome.
                                       Whether you have been with us since the beginning or whether you are visiting an Art Fair for the first time, you will find the
                                       formulas that have made us a success: a relaxed atmosphere, wide aisles, optimized booths that showcase the works of art,
                                       quality catering for gourmets and food lovers, and all the other little things that make Luxembourg Art Fair an exceptional

                                       Open surprising ways of reading, provoke desire, passion, make room for curiosity and questioning, make this artistic mee-
                                       ting a festive moment accessible to all:  so many objectives to reach and dreams to realize.
                                       I wish you a beautiful and surprising walk in the gardens of contemporary artistic expression and I look forward to seeing
                                       you next year.

                                       You are welcome,

                                                                                               Serge Beninca
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